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3700 Seawall Blvd.

Galveston Island, Texas

(409) 761-5504

At Gaido's Seaside Inn

A collection of 7 upscale
beachfront accommodations on
Galveston Island's
 famous Seawall

Jumbo Decks/Balconies

2019-05-02 13.54.33.jpg

The 7 Sisters have large porches with room for 4 chairs, a table AND lounge chairs. Other beachfront hotel rooms have no porches or small balconies barely big enough for 2 chairs and a tiny table.

Upscale Decor


The Seven Seaside Sisters are designed for comfort, with upscale baths, amenities and additional features a step above typical Galveston accommodations.

Full Beach Views

2018-09-01 07.30.39.jpg

The Seven Seaside Sisters feature FULL views of the Gulf. Other beachfront rooms that claim a beach view give only a partial view.

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